Why is Mezasol Herbal Oil So Effective

Old Mezasol Label

Old Mezasol Herbal Oil labels, pieced together. This is from its traditional container, a bottle called “Lapad”, which are actually recycled brandy bottles.

Mezasol is a popular herbal medicinal oil sold on the streets of the Ilonggo / Hiligaynon / Visayan regions in the islands of the Philippines. Manufactured by a local couple who learned the ways of creating the herbal oil from their ancestors.

Best known for its healing effects, Mezasol is made essentially of two primary ingredients. The first one is called Heavenly Elixir (Tinospora crispa), locally known as Makabuhay, which literally means “giver of life”. It is traditionally used as a topical antiseptic rinse for a variety of skin disorders and wounds. Lots of other healing effects has been discovered and are still being discovered from this plant.

You may be aware that the “Elixir of Life“, as the “vaccine for death” or the “fountain of eternal youth”. The Westerners may have known its miraculous healing ability to have named it as such.

Fountain of Youth

The mythical “Elixir of Life”, also known as, the fountain of youth.

The second main ingredient is a local plant called Himag, sometimes spelled as Hemag. It’s traditionally used externally to heal rheumatism, muscle cramps, bruises and sprained joint injuries. It is a much sought after healing oil by mixed martial art practitioners.

Here’s an old video of a local peddler selling Himag oil on the streets:

Old Meelsan Bottle

An old photo of Meelsan as sold from its traditional container.

Together, the two main ingredients make a powerful herbal oil medicine called Mezasol.

Lately, Mezasol has become so scarce and difficult to buy. The founders of LXR Enterprises have been long time users of Mezasol, and its herbal drink counterpart, Meelsan. They were able to track down the producers of the herbal wonders and are now working closely together in order to produce more using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in order to deliver and benefit more people around the world.

You can download the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) here.

We hope that Mezasol Herbal oil becomes a staple in your family’s medicine kit just as we have for several generations.

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The modern Mezasol Herbal Oil. Same old effective traditional formula in its new packaging. The new Mezasol is produced following the high standards of the universally recognized Good Manufacturing Practice.

The modern Mezasol Herbal Oil. Same effective traditional formula in its new packaging. The new Mezasol is produced following the high standards of the universally recognized Good Manufacturing Practice.

It can do wonders for you

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  • Heal wounds quickly

    Heal wounds quickly

    Apply to wounds, burns, scratches, to hasten healing.

  • Get rid of stretchmarks

    Get rid of stretchmarks

    Wear your 2 piece bikini again, after applying Mezasol Herbal Oil on your stretchmarks for several days.

  • Sooth insect bites

    Sooth insect bites

    Sooth that itchy insect bites and prevent marks from appearing afterwards. It's also a great insect repellent. Simply apply to exposed skin areas.

  • Reduce visibility of old scars

    Reduce visibility of old scars

    Erase those old ugly scars and skin blemishes.

  • Heal mouth ulcers

    Heal mouth ulcers

    Rub into affected area in the gums and see them dry up the next morning. No more painful mouth ulcers.

  • Treat skin diseases

    Treat skin diseases

    Cure eczema, scabies and other skin diseases.