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Do you feel like a Zombie?

Have you ever felt like a Zombie because of your fresh wounds and old scars?

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Use Genuine Mezasol 100% Herbal Oil to get that youthful skin once again.

MEzasol 100% Herbal Oil

Mezasol can:

  • Quickly heal wounds
  • Erase old scars
  • Cure skin diseases
  • Remove stretch marks

The famous herbal medicinal oil from Negros Island, Philippines is now open to the world.


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Historically, the natives of Negros and Panay island in the Philippines have relied on herbal medicine to cure illness, wounds and to achieve flawless skin. One of the most popular is a home made herbal oil called Mezasol from a family who lives near Mount Kanlaon, an active volcano in Negros Occidental.

It has gained popularity because of the various benefits that users have discovered like quickly healing wounds, skin diseases, and even erase old scars.

Mezasol used to be sold along the side walks of the city and wet markets in the island and other nearby islands. Now, using the same all natural formula, and with modern good manufacturing practices, this hard to find herbal oil is finally accessible to the world.


It can do wonders for you

See what it can do

  • Heal wounds quickly

    Heal wounds quickly

    Apply to wounds, burns, scratches, to hasten healing.

  • Get rid of stretchmarks

    Get rid of stretchmarks

    Wear your 2 piece bikini again, after applying Mezasol Herbal Oil on your stretchmarks for several days.

  • Sooth insect bites

    Sooth insect bites

    Sooth that itchy insect bites and prevent marks from appearing afterwards. It's also a great insect repellent. Simply apply to exposed skin areas.

  • Reduce visibility of old scars

    Reduce visibility of old scars

    Erase those old ugly scars and skin blemishes.

  • Heal mouth ulcers

    Heal mouth ulcers

    Rub into affected area in the gums and see them dry up the next morning. No more painful mouth ulcers.

  • Treat skin diseases

    Treat skin diseases

    Cure eczema, scabies and other skin diseases.

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I like mountain climbing and camping in the woods. Mezasol is always in my go gear. It's like a first aid swiss knife.
John Daughtry
John Daughtry
My stretch marks after giving birth are now all gone. Thanks to Mezasol. It's really a miracle oil.
Jane Dean
Jane Dean
I had an ugly scar that I got from a scary bike crash. Now, it's hardly noticeable after just 2 weeks of applying Mezasol oil every night. It's a miracle!
Richard Ruppert
Richard Ruppert

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